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The Chandigarh Traffic Police was sanctioned as a separate unit distinct from District Police in 1974. It is headed by Sh. Shashank Anand, IPS Senior Superintendent of Police/Security & Traffic, who is assisted by Mr. Rajeev Kumar Ambasta DANIPS, Deputy Supdt. of Police/Traffic, South & R&D & Road Safety, Chandigarh,
Mr. Yashpal Sharma DSP/Traffic (East & Admin & Security operation), Mr. Krishan Kumar DANIPS, DSP/Traffic (Central Zone), several Zonal Traffic Inspectors. The city is divided into four sub-divisions (see map) and traffic regulation in each subdivision is done by a traffic team led by a separate Traffic Inspector. The internal administration of the traffic police is looked after by the Inspector (Administration), who is also the Incharge of the Chandigarh Traffic Control Room, from where the toll free traffic Helpline (1073) is operated.

Another Inspector is posted as the Incharge of the Challaning Branch located at Traffic Lines, Sector 29, Chandigarh where the compounding fee for traffic challans is received against receipt. A seperate Inspector has also been deputed as overall Incharge of Chandigarh Traffic Park Sector 23, Chandigarh where the driving license test of various applicants takes place on every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and also where traffic awareness lectures are held free of cost.

The CCTV Control Room from where all the videos of various cameras installed in the city are monitored is also located at Traffic Lines, Sector 29, Chandigarh. There is also a Facebook Cell and Whatsapp Cell(9779580985) located at Traffic Lines. You can visit the Chandigarh Traffic Police Facebook Page and Whatsapp Cell(9779580985) to give your valuable comments.

Moreover, there is a dedicated road accident cell which visits the scene of every traffic accident and conduct an in-depth analysis. If upon the analysis, it is found that there is any engineering defect like absence of street lights, absence of road divider, absence of zebra crossing, road in poor condition, blind curve, etc then the concerned engineering department is asked to rectify the said engineering defects immediately to prevent accidents in the future.

The organization structure of Chandigarh Traffic Police is as under:
chandigrh map

The Chandigarh Traffic Police is equipped with large number of interceptor vehicles, motor cycles mobile patrols, cranes, alco-sensors, etc for effective traffic regulation and traffic rules enforcement. Moreover, the city has two Auto pounds located near the busy commercial areas of city to facilitate easy towing of wrongly parked vehicles.

The Chandigarh Traffic Police has launched an initiative to ensure that various visitors to and residents of the city get autos at the rates prescribed by the government, and not at exorbitantly high rates. As part of this initiative, Chandigarh Traffic Police has set up Pre-Paid three wheel rickshaw booths at eight places.