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New Format Challan Book

The Chandigarh Traffic Police has been periodically modifying the format of the traffic challan book in order to evolve an innovative design that facilitates both – enforcement work, as well as, education. The latest version incorporates the following features:

• The entire range of traffic offences that need to be curbed along-with the relevant rule/section of law have been printed as a checklist on the challan form. The challaning officer is required to tick mark the offences committed by the offender in each case. This reduces the time taken by the police officer in writing out the challan form.
• The exhaustive checklist serves as a reminder to the officers on enforcement duty regarding the entire range of offences about which they need to be vigilant.
• The form is also educative for the offender as it imparts knowledge about all traffic rules that need to be adhered to.
• The offender gets a neatly printed challan receipt that has minimal manually written content that counters the earlier problem of illegible writing of some of the officers.
• The instructions regarding inspection of documents as well as the procedure for the payment of compounding fee are clearly spelt out for the benefit of the offender.
• The offender is permitted to record his comments while signing the challan receipt. This simple innovation reduces avoidable friction at the time of challaning and introduces greater accountability in the enforcement work.
• This format is more compatible with maintenance of records and data pertaining to traffic challans.

Chandigarh MVA Challan Form