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Safe and Responsible Driving
Driving along
Be alert to the traffic around you as you drive. Make a routine of looking behind and from side by checking your mirrors every few seconds. Check your blind spots by turning your head to look over your shoulder. Try to keep other vehicles out of your blind spot by changing your speed and try not to drive in other vehicles' blind spots. Be extra alert at dawn and dusk when drivers have problem adjusting to the changing light.

Keep some space around your vehicle. Anticipate other vehicles' movements and make allowances for possible errors. Slow moving vehicles especially cycles, rickshaws, carts have the tendency to turn without giving signal or signaling at a very short notice. Watch for people in parked vehicles they may be about to pull out in front of you or may open the door without noticing your vehicle.

Steer smoothly
Steer smooth and precise. Do most steering and lane changes having both hands on the steering wheel. You should try to steer in a straight line while shifting gears, adjusting controls or checking your blind spot.

Imaging the steering wheel as a clock and keep your hands at nine o’clock and three o’clock or at 10 o’clock and two o’clock. This gives you better control while driving.

Cars with air bags: Keep your hands at nine o’clock and three o’clock otherwise air bag can cause injuries.

Know how air bag works
Keep left

Keep to the left of the road or in the left-hand lane on multi-lane roads unless you want to turn right or want to overtake another vehicle.