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Children Traffic Park Cell and Accident Analysis Cell / Research Branch
Children Traffic Park Cell
Objective: The Children Traffic Park Cell located at the Children Traffic Park, Sector 23-A Chandigarh serves as the nodal agency for organizing & coordinating efforts of all Government, Social & Corporate organizations in our community for spreading awareness about Road Safety. It is widely recognized today that the internalization of road rules and road discipline by the road users is a critical prerequisite for ensuring safer roads and a smoother flow of traffic. Inspired by the "Catch them Young" philosophy, the RSC focuses its major activities on teaching our children, the citizens of tomorrow, the fundamentals of road safety. The RSC is also entrusted with certain allied activities like conducting research on causes of road accidents, etc.
Organization: The Children Traffic Park Cell is headed by an Inspector and assisted by other officials of Chandigarh Traffic Police.The functioning of the cell is to educate the general public regarding traffic rules and regulation.
Timings:  8AM to 6PM
Phone:    0172-2700314
Location: The Children traffic park cell is located inside the Children Traffic Park, Sector 23-A, Chandigarh. The park is spread over an area of 12 ½ acres and is covered by grassy lawns, flowers beds, plants, trees and the cemented track constructed for training on road safety. The track offers features like road curves, incline/ decline, underpass, overpass, blind alley, parallel parking, uncontrolled intersections, T- Intersections, intersections controlled by rotary, Automatic Traffic Control Signal, Blinkers & Stop Signs. The aesthetically designed building of the Road Safety Cell is located inside the park. The premises include one exhibition hall, one record room and one lecture-cum- theatre hall with a seating capacity for approximately 120 persons.
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Accident Analysis Cell / Research Branch
Objectives: The accident analysis cell / research branch is also located at the children traffic park,sector 23 A, Chandigarh and responsible for the study of the road accidents to identify the underlying causal factors. The branch suggests road engineering and other measures to prevent the occurrence of road accidents.

The branch compiles all accident related data that is to be transmitted to the Road Safety Cell of the Ministry of Road Transport & Highways, Government of India for incorporation into the National Data Base. This data is also readily shared with all other Government Departments that are involved in the prevention of Road Accidents. The entire information is freely available to other socially conscious organizations and citizens who may offer fresh insights for developing effective strategies for the prevention of road accidents.The cell conducts in depth study of every road accident whether there are any road engineering defects like blind curve,road in poor conditions, absense of dividers, street lights, zebra crossings etc.If any such engineering defects are found, then Chandigarh traffic police asks the concerned engineering department to rectify the some immediatly to prevent future accidents.

The branch aims at generating debate and discussion, especially through the agency of print media, regarding the causes of road accidents and the steps that need to be adopted for their prevention.

The accident data comprises an important variable for working out the manpower and resource requirement for effective enforcement of traffic laws and the prevention of road accidents.
The research branch also facilitates students of various professional colleges by providing them road accident data for preparation of their dissertations and reports.
Future Plans
  • The research activities would be strengthened by associating students and road engineering professionals. Efforts would be made to compile and bring together all studies and research done on the issue of road safety in U.T. Chandigarh.
  • The entire database of road accidents would be made available online.
  • The GPS Coordinates of road accident sites would be used to identify accurately the accident prone areas and the maps would also be made available online.