Tips for Handling Emergency Plumbing At Home

A home plumbing system is prone to several problems. Before calling your emergency plumber, it’s important to know how you can do some plumbing repairs yourself.

If the tips below fail to fix the plumbing issue, or you’re not confident about DIY emergency plumbing repairs, then call an emergency plumber for professional assistance.

  1. Clogged Toilets

Clogged toilets demand urgent fixing. They should be treated as an emergency plumbing issue.

plumber unblocking a clogged toilet with a plunger

You should never flush objects that shouldn’t be flushed down a toilet. Doing so will clog your toilet. Nevertheless, here’s how to unclog a blocked toilet:

Step 1

In case the toilet bowl is already full, use a small container to empty it halfway. In case it’s empty, add water to the bowl until it’s halfway full.

Step 2

Place a working toilet plunger on the toilet drain opening and plunge it repeatedly until the stagnant water drains smoothly.

Step 3

In case the plunger appears to be ineffective despite repeated attempts to unblock the toilet, try using an auger.

Push the auger through the toiled drain until it hits the clog. Rotate the auger until it the clog gets broken up.

Step 4

In case the auger fails to unblock the toilet, it means the clog is quite deep and can only be unclogged by a professional emergency plumber.


  1. Blocked Kitchen Drainage

Kitchen drain lines are prone to frequent blockage. They dispose of dirty water and oils from the dishwasher and sink. They also drain food remains from your garbage disposal.

emergency plumbing repairing a blocked kitchen drainage

Cooking oil and large food remains may clog the kitchen drain pipe. You can unblock the kitchen drain using these tips:

Step 1

First, remove the sink strainer. Next, put a plunger on the drain opening. Open the sink faucet and allow water to fill the sink halfway or at least cover the cup of the plunger. Plunge the sink repeatedly until water drains smoothly.

Step 2

In case the plunger fails to work, try a drain snake.

Step 3

In case the sink fails to drain after try to unblock it with a drain snake, it means that the blockage is stuck deep down the drain.

In this case, contact a reliable emergency plumber to unblock the drain. Failure to have it fixed may cause raw sewer to back up in your kitchen.

Remember to avoid health hazards by only using a kitchen snake or plunger for the kitchen drain and the toilet plunger or snake for unblocking the toilet.

Kitchen plungers resemble the shape of one half of a ball. On the other hand, toilet plungers resemble a deformed ball and have a large opening at the bottom.


  1.  Lacking Hot Water

Typically, hot water tanks are supplied with cold water and heat the water with an electric or gas heater unit. The tank keeps water at the set temperature.

plumber talking to a woman while fixing hot water faucet

In case the hot water faucet fails to supply hot water, then it means your hot water system has a problem. A faulty relief valve or thermostat can allow pressure and heat to rise.

Excessive pressure and heat can cause an explosion. Thus, you should be extremely careful when dealing with a faulty water heater. Here’s how to examine it:

  • Check whether other hot water faucets are supplying hot water or the problem is with one faucet. If the issue is with one faucet, check whether its supply pipe is broken. You may be interested in reading “Home Plumbing: 6 Practices Your Pipes Will Appreciate“. If the issue is coming from all hot water faucets, then the problem is with the water heater.
  • In case the problem appears to be with your water heater, touch the tank carefully. In case it’s hot, then it’s functioning, else, it’s malfunctioning. In case the water heater is powered by gas, check whether the pilot lights are lit. If not, follow the instructions of the manufacturer to light them back on. If the water heater is electric-powered, check whether the fuse or circuit breaker is working. Replace any malfunctioning components or have a professional plumber fix the water heater for you.


  1. Leaky Faucets

Leaky kitchen or bathroom faucets are a common plumbing issue in most homes. You should know the type of the leaking faucet to fix it the right way.

For instance, a ball or cartridge faucet comes with a single lever for cold and hot water. On the other hand, compression faucets come with two levers, which are lifted when turning them on.

Reversed compression faucets come with faucets handlers that are lowered when turning them on. When repairing a leaky ball or cartridge faucet, shut off its water supply.

Remove the handle by opening it with an Allen type of wrench. Replace the cartridge and fix the handle back in place.